Goal reminders

How do i remind myself i have goals to complete manually or even that i have them? I used to have problems with that on stikk

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Hi! On “emergency days” (when your graph is in the red and you need to add data or you’ll derail), you’ll get reminds from Beeminder. You can get them via email, or also via the mobile apps. You should check out your reminder settings either in the goal’s settings or on the reminders page to make sure you have that set up right. The reminders come with increasing frequency toward the deadline time.

You can get reminders when you’re not already in the red with the “lead days” setting, but you’ll only get one reminder per day when you’re not about to derail.

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When I was having a really bad time remembering entering data one thing that helped was creating a metagoal to enter data and giving it a rate that meant it was basically always an emergency day. I ended up ending that goal eventually once the habit got more ingrained.