Not possible to catchup weight lifting goal

I am on a strict weight-lifting regime of linear progression and am using Beeminder as an additional incentive. Now that I am reaching the end of the “novice” phase the risk of injury is increasing. In fact, last Wednesday I tweaked my back doing deadlifts. Friday had to be missed as I could barely stand up straight. I’m back today though. I can’t catch up since the weights are such that I need the time between sessions to recover.

So, the question is, how do I reset Beeminder so that the missed session is no longer keeping me close to the line?

If there’s no way to both be safe and not derail within 7 days, email support and tell them that. They can fix your road or do whatever magic support always ends up doing.

I tweaked my shoulder at dance the other day, and was unable to do my pull-ups and push-ups goals, and support was 100% awesome.

If you can last 7 days, then you can solve it yourself, using either the simple rate thing in the goal, or the fancy visual road editor. Let me know if you need guidance doing that.

Be safe!


I’ve got the runway to fix it myself then. Will do. Thanks for the pointer.