oldest email in gmail inbox?

Hi folks!

Before I do something custom, does anyone know of a slick way to beemind the oldest email in your gmail inbox?

I guess I might be able to rig up “number of emails older than X in your inbox” with what exists today, but I’d like to be able to see that creep up over time getting closer to my threshold, rather than “you’re good, you’re good, you’e good, BZZZT.”

Anyway, throwing this one out to the nerds in case it exists already.



I had to read this four times before I fully clicked as to what you meant. (I don’t quite think I’m awake yet). lol. I would also be interested in this. Short of Archiving all emails beyond a certain date and just counting those in the “All Mail” category, I’m stumped. (I’m not very technical though, I’m sure someone will be able to whip up a magical technical formula soon enough).

I also tried making a Label for emails older than 1 year and when I went to setup filters it only allowed filters to/from specific email addresses and files sizes over or under a certain file size… I’m sure gmail used to have an auto-divert for emails over a certain age/date etc…

So, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Best of luck!

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Hey Adam, would you mind sharing your script to do this “oldest email” minding?

I can. I am wrapping up year end stuff so it might not happen until later
this month. It is in Python.

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Here it is. https://gist.github.com/adamwolf/d2fe318c9de36ea3692cb2d3ea0f5952

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