I recently hacked an ITFFF recipe so that I would beemind my “daily weeklies” a little better, things that need to be done once a week or so. I set it up to follow the RSS feed for my RememberTheMilk completed tasks for a specific folder.

Now, however, I’m finding that I prefer Omnifocus, at least in the trial I’m using. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to beemind completed tasks automatically.

Does anyone else have a method they use? Has anyone else switched from RTM to Omnifocus and have pointers/gripes?



I’m also interested in this as I end up with many tasks sitting there and not getting done but I can’t remove them either. I do need to do them at some point.

At the moment the only way I’ve been able to Beemind my OmniFocus app is by the amount of time I’m spending in it using RescueTime. I’m trying to spend 15 minutes per day getting things planned and a specific set of tasks prepared to do the next day. Obviously this means that none of the OmniFocus work I do on my iPhone gets counted.

Since the data is all synced to Omnigroup’s server, it seems like it might be possible to get something to talk to the server on occasion and find out what tasks have been completed etc. I have no idea how to do this though.

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I use OmniFocus, but haven’t tried to beemind the completion of tasks. My related meta-goals are to make sure I do my weekly review, and another to check that I was working from a list (OmniFocus or not) rather than just doing random stuff.

You might find this tuaw article about how to export completed OmniFocus tasks useful.


Cool. Would I need to have the Pro version to use this? I don’t know a whole lot about scripting.

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