Beeminding "random" tasks


I am looking for a way of beeminding non-recurring tasks.
I tried GTBee but that’s not really working for me, because I am missing the opportunity to set reminders for each task.

I am thinking of a “Do-More” goal where every day with no overdue tasks is +1. A day with an overdue task would be -1.
Any way to automate this?

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If you use a Do More goal, probably you just want days with incomplete tasks to be 0 and completed tasks to be 1. This also makes the total count “days I completed all tasks”, which is pretty nice.

There are other schemes that could work, depending on how you track your tasks. If you have a task list or tracker that can easily count how many tasks are left for a day, you might use the Inbox Fewer type of goal to track the Tasks Left count directly.

What do you use to track your incomplete tasks?


Thanks for the suggestion. That’ll work. :slight_smile:

See also this discussion:

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