On new ratchet changes

If this has been enabled already (from the last blog post):Announcement! Ratcheting (reducing your safety buffer) and auto-ratcheting (capping your safety buffer) no longer change the dates of future changes (like breaks that you scheduled on purpose) in your yellow brick road. It also means the weekends-off feature plays nice with all those other features.

Why there is still this warning on Weekends off? (Weekends off: Every week we’ll schedule your next weekend off. WARNING: this will not play nicely with manually reducing or automatically trimming your safety buffer.)


That’s a bug! Thank you for reporting! It’s labeled a zombie so we expect to clean that up pretty quickly (and now it will be doubly embarrassing if we don’t!)…

(Also this bug report has earned you stickers. DM me an address if you want them!)

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Yes! So happy to be able to contribute to Beeminder :smiley: First bug I have detected in two years, maybe! Love you Beeminder team! :heart_decoration: