Payment history API


A small feature request. Could we have Payment History API please? I would like to create reports and charts based on my payments.

Imagine a report telling you how much you have to pay for each kilogram you lost with Beeminder or how much did it cost you to reach your gym target (less then a personal coach).

Please :slight_smile: I will deliver nice charts for the forum users.


I miss this too.

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I promise I will keep micropayments for Discord people under $10 a month :rofl:

Let me know if it’s a problem from the technical pov or just low ROI. I can do some charts based on export beeminder provides today

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If you go to this page and then press “Email me all of it”, you can get a CSV with all payments.
Then, you can open it in Google Sheets and generate charts by selecting columns and clicking insert chart. Here’s my summary of spendings. About 40% is subscription, and 60% is pledges. Since I dropped subscription, I have more aggressive goals. It looks like many goals, but in fact they can be grouped into 3-5 key groups (reading, sport, languages…). Sometimes they’re the same goal, with a different methodology (read (number of books) and read(number of pages)). I’m skipping labels in this chart :slight_smile:

You can also format date and extract more specific data:

I started in late 2021; In 2022, 40% of my spending was subscription, while in 2023 subscription was only 25%. Since I can have 20+ goals for free, 2024 is a year of 100% pledge payments. It is clear I converted from tracking funny things to managing life goals and setting higher bar for myself.

I don’t know how to put months in order, but it looks like beginning of the year is very vulnerable to pledges:

and then, don’t ask me why, September. I guess first quarter of the year is the resolutions time.

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AFAIK, this is a link that will not be available for everyone. One needs a magic number of transactions before the link appears.

( Beeminder Derailment/Charges Graph - #2 by ubdhtvqeakj9 )

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Thanks. Also I see there’s some previous work in the thread you linked: