Beeminder Derailment/Charges Graph

Yesterday I made a Google Sheet to analyse my beeminder derailments and charges and make a pretty graph and I thought it might be something other people would find useful so I’ve attempted to make it into something anyone could use.

There’s a Google Sheet which you should be able to make your own copy of (I’m not 100% convinced I’ve pressed the right google buttons though).

Then you just need to download your own Beeminder charge data using the email link at the bottom of this page, and get the csv file from your email into Google Sheets. Copy the whole thing and paste it into columns A-L of the first “beeminder” sheet. That should be enough to populate the graph in the third “chart” sheet. I’ve left the years 2013-2021 hardcoded in the summary sheet, but you can delete rows you don’t need or add more and drag the formulae to populate the new rows (that might need a bit of tweaking).

If you want to get fancier with categorising your goals then you can fill in column N of the beeminder sheet with your goal category names and use the same in columns J-M of the summary sheet. Obviously you can add more columns. And “subs” is a hard coded category name (to separate out subscription payments from derails) in column G of the summary sheet (I gave up trying to link it to the name at C1 as it didn’t want to work).

Hopefully someone finds that useful, do let me know if there’s anything not working or you can’t copy it or anything like that, whilst I know my way round a spreadsheet I don’t really know what I’m doing with sharing it!


The “send me an email of these” only appears after some number of charges. It will not be present for everyone.