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Payment Method Error (Debit Card)

When I add my debit card information, it doesn’t work, it’s checked green, but keeps asking me to add a payment method. Some help…

Hi! Thanks again for letting us know about this issue! I replied to your email as well, but just for the benefit of people in general: in this case, it’s often due to your payment provider refusing to allow online payments, or refusing to allow payments to us specifically. Sometimes you can use your banking app to approve things in future, and sometimes you might need to speak to your bank.

The information we can give is usually somewhat limited, but do let us know if you’re having issues like this and we can take a peek at the error messages we’re getting and make absolutely sure what the issue is, to give you some info to go on when contacting your payment provider.


Yeah… the problem was really my bank, which has limitations, but that’s ok, I already got another payment method. Thanks for being so convenient.

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