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Debit card not applied - new account

Hey! I have an issue where my information is not being recognized. I am able to type it in, yet it just confirms it with the green tick, but nothing happens after that. The card is still unrecognized. Does beeminder not accept debit cards? Thanks in advance!

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Hi! Stripe (our payment provider) does accept debit cards as long as they’re enabled for online payments (e.g. MasterCard/Visa). However, if I remember rightly, sometimes we’ve found that people’s banks reject Stripe’s checks.

If you send us an email (to we can take a look and check what the error message we’re getting is, to be sure what’s going wrong! If it’s the case of Stripe being rejected, you should be able to ask your bank to sort that out… and if it’s something else, we’d love to dig in and see if we can get that resolved!


Thank you, I’ll be sending an email.

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