Please respect regional settings for time

I have all my systems set to use the 24-hour clock, since I happen to live in a part of the world that uses the 24-hour clock for written times.
Unfortunately Beeminder ignores this setting, showing me times in the 12-hour format. I am not as used to this format and I shouldn’t have to be. A lot of different websites and apps manage to respect this setting.
iOS certainly exposes it, yet the app ignores it, just like the website does.


That’s funny - I can’t stand military time. I’m not used to this format and I shouldn’t have to be. Yet beeminder shows a lot of things in military time - for instance:

Reminder deadlines are listed as 23:45 instead of 11:45pm as they should be, and it shows midnight at 00:00am instead of 12am.

Comments for beedroid adding datapoints: it says 23:37 instead of 11:37pm like it should, and 00:39 instead of 12:39am like it should.

I wish there were a way I could turn military time off totally, and @phi could make it all military time.

@phi - do you get military time shown in the places I do?

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Mine all seem to be in 00:00am format, and like @phi I’d prefer them in 24 hour format. I also find the leading zero on a 12 hour format really grating, I feel it should be 15:00 or 3:00pm; 3:00am or 03:00. I’m ambivalent on colons in 24 hour format. I was looking up the “military time” reference and found that American military time is specifically without colons but general computer usage seems to be with them.

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Sorry I don’t understand - 00:00am is in 24-hour format - the 12-hour format way of writing it would be 12:00am.

I guess technically, writing 00:00am is a hybrid of the two, and therefore guaranteed to please no one.

The leading zero issue is also a hybrid - I wouldn’t consider 03:00am to be 12-hour time either. Where are you seeing that?

Oh, and it’s common in the US to use “military time” and “24-hour time” as synonyms regardless of colons.

My reminders page has 00:00am, 03:00am and 09:30am on it. So they’re all in the hybrid format I guess? The am/pm shouldn’t be there in a 24 hour format. I’d prefer them to say 00:00, 03:00 and 09:30.

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For what it’s worth, I feel like I’ve seen both formats in my reminders settings at different times. But maybe I’m just confused since it definitely accepts both formats.

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as long as I can remember, the Reminders page has used the 24-hour format for PM times, and a hybrid format for AM times in which the time is written in 24-hour format but with “am” after (so instead of 12:00am, 12:30am, or 3:00am, it would say 00:00am, 00:30am, or 03:00am).

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That sounds like quite the mess! I wasn’t even that aware of it, but you’re all absolutely right, there’s a multitude of time formats used on the website. For example, my reminders page shows this:

I am also not a fan of leading zeros regardless of 12 or 24 hour clocks. But, again, this is part of the regional settings on the user’s machine and it can be assumed that those are set to the user’s preference. So, just use those, please. Instead of whatever this is.