Countdown missing on some upcoming derails

For some reasons some of my goals have countdown (like I want) and some have just hour.

What worse hours is specified using a weird, alien to me AM/PM schema that is confusing to me.

But even 16:30 would be confusing - when I look at beeminder gallery I do not want to look at clock and calculate how much of time is left.


You can click on the date/time and it’ll toggle back to being a countdown!

Sorry that’s a sort-of-hidden feature. Thanks for demonstrating that’s a bit confusing.


Thanks, now it behaves like I expected :)

Not sure whatever beeminder needs more features but I would be glad to have option to freeze it in count down state (switchable, pernament countdown, permanent AM/PM?).

I’m glad!

(I’m the exact opposite. I’d love to never see a countdown and only ever see the dates. I wonder if those preferences correlate with anything.)

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I have no activities setup on specific hour (I work remotely without set hours), I use Beeminder to have some daily structure.

If you would ask me I would have not idea about current time.

In addition I always used 24:00 clock, PM/AM is alien to me.

On the other side of the spectrum, I tend to be more likely to think “Wasn’t there something I was supposed to do at 18:00?” even if I don’t remember what that thing is and do a terrible time of remembering something that’s in “45 minutes” vs. “at 9:15”. If I see the “due in 45 minutes” countdown and then walk away from the computer for an undetermined amount of time… when is it due? Now? Is it past? I have to convert it to a time to use it anyway and so the countdown is only useful to the way my brain does time so long as I’m staring directly at the Beeminder dashboard.