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Privacy violation: I can see private graphs by linking them here [false alarm]


For instance, these two goals are set to private and can’t be seen when you go to the page, but they show up here below:


thanks to @adamwolf for catching that whatever’s wrong here (which we need to investigate urgently in case we totally broke private graphs!) we should fix it first before like doxxing this person geez.

[UPDATE: when adam pointed it out i first made this post itself private so as not to be broadcasting any potentially sensitive information. i get that if that had been the case, which mercifully it wasn’t, the bigger issue was the underlying (and, again, thankfully nonexistent) privacy breach, which we were also investigating urgently. i failed to think ahead to the part where I’d want to make this thread public again and shouldn’t have yelled at @zedmango like that. taking that part private now as well!]


investigated: false alarm. [EDIT by @mary: These goals were in fact set to public by the user and we’re going to be working on fixing something that caused them to show up as private in the Survivor page. It] might be a bug that you can still see them in these forum links but it’s not us breaking privacy, thank goodness!


Those graphs have been Survivor entries for a month now, and part of the Survivor rules are that all graphs are public. So I figured that the privacy setting on those graphs was not intentional. I wouldn’t have posted them otherwise.


So truly private graphs can’t bee seen by linking? Did we check?

What’s the deal with deadbeet graphs - they’re supposed to be hidden?


testing link to (temporarily) private graph:

it occurs to me that if the graph were private in the first place then no one else would have the URL for it, mitigating a potential breach. it does seem possible that once linked to there will be caching issues that may make it seem that a private graph is being leaked. i think that’s just a fact of the internet (you can’t delete things from it).

UPDATE: confirmed no leak linking to a private graph. i’ve now made the above graph public again.


Makes a ton of sense now! Sorry to freak out at first!

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