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Question about the 'leeway' feature

When creating a new goal I selected to have 1 day of ‘leeway.’ But I am not exactly sure what this means and how it is shown on the graph.
My current goal is an ‘at most’ goal of 0.5 hrs.
From what I understand 1 day of leeway means that the first day of the goal I get ‘at most’ 1 hr. Is this correct?
If this statement is correct how is it shown on the graph? On the graph for my goal I don’t see the red line shifted up 0.5 hrs (1 hr from the bottom) and I don’t see a delay in when the 0.5 hrs starts counting down. How is this leeway displayed?

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Hi! I was answering this in email, but I see Danny thought it’d be valuable to talk it through in public.

So, if you started with no leeway at all, you’d start right on the line. If you start with one day of leeway, you have enough leeway for one day, so 30 min. Two days of leeway would give you an hour.

Is that a bit clearer now? It sounds kind of like you expected that 0 days of leeway would give you 1x30min, 1 day would give you 2x30min, 2 days would give you 3x30min… but instead, 0 days of leeway gives you 0x30min, 1 day gives you 1x30min, etc.


ohhh, yeah that’s the part I didn’t understand. It all makes sense now :slight_smile: Thanks!