Questions about voided promises

A couple questions about voided promises in

  • How are these treated in calculating the reliability score? From my brief testing it looks like they are excluded from score calculation?
  • Is there a UX with which to view voided promises? It seems as though the slug persists but the promise no longer shows on the user’s page? Perhaps these can show at the bottom or in a separate, linked view? Perhaps an RFE after the completion of the MVP?

Correct, voided promises aren’t part of your score calculation. And no, no UI to see voided promises so far. (Yes to that as an RFE for after MVP!) So basically voiding is what you should generally do instead of deleting and at this point has pretty much the same effect. Ironically, voiding is more thorough than deleting because it means the promise can’t get recreated by someone clicking on the URL again. Which is pretty confusing and we have plans to address that post-MVP!

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