Raising work standards with Beeminder without spooking yourself

Hi All,

As a newbee, I had originally thought that setting a high bar of success was the best way to use beeminder.

After reviewing Beeminder to quit sugar? I got tips that it is better to lower my standards, with a lower barrier to success, and set achievable doable goals (for example, cold turkey isn’t a good method).

Now that I am getting momentum, I am wondering what hacks are available to increase your personal standards? My main use case is to use Beeminder to help me eat my frog (where I am happy if I spend at least 2 hours a day eating it), Tips to track "Eat that frog"... Frog of the day - #9 by seoagency but I am wondering what ways can I use beeminder to help me challenge myself without spooking myself out.

For example, I would like to be able to work on my frog 7 days a week for 3 hours a day, without feeling guilty or depressed on weekends, where there is a strong pull for me not to work.



I use a rate improvement goal to encourage me to assess my goal rates regularly. Once a week on average, I pick one goal and increase its rate slightly. I wrote a bit more about it at Advent 2022: 04. Overwhelmed or In Control? / Rate Improvement Goal but the basic idea is trivial (very helpful to me though).

I should rename it to “goal improvement” rather than “rate…” because these days my rates are often pretty good so I sometimes record some other kind of adjustment, such as increasing the pledge or creating a whole new goal.


For many of my goals I use the autodialer I built to slowly ramp up my rate to some maximum. Since it dials based on my past data, it encourages me to do some extra if I want to push my rate up.