Ratchet clarification

Ratcheting means reducing your amount of safety by making the bright line jump closer to today’s datapoint

But how will the bright line jump?

a. keep the same slope and goal but make the goal date earlier
b. change the slope to reach the same goal total on the same date
c. keep the same slope and date but move the goal total higher
d. do one of a-c based on which is the non-fixed variable in the commitment
e. other (just in case)

I’m guessing d but want to check before clicking and screwing my road up. I’ve only used it wanting a or c before, and hadn’t really thought about them being different or looked closely at what happens. This time I want b.

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Yeah, this stuff is so tricky! I think mostly the answer is (с) – shifting everything vertically – unless there’s an upcoming flat spot on your road. One possible answer to this is that if you care which of those it does then you should head to the visual road editor where you can see exactly what the effects will be before submitting and committing to the changes.

Thanks! Good idea and I’ve sorted it out how I want with the road editor.

This brings up a bug I’ve resisted reporting… The premium page tells me I don’t have access to the road editor, although in practice I do, but I don’t want to double my subscription fee in order to be able to rely on that always being there!

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Ah, yeah, the existence of the prototype visual road editor is currently a loophole there. That made sense when it was a clunky prototype but now that it’s superior to the non-visual road editor that’s available as a premium perk, it’s arguably unfair to advertise that premium perk! By the time we bring the visual road editor into Beeminder-proper (it’s still implemented as a third-party tool currently) then we’ll definitely need to make the decision on whether it’s a premium feature or not (we currently lean towards not).

PS: For nitty-gritty on ratcheting, see also “Road Ratchet Revamp Redresses “Ratcheting Breaks Breaks” Bug | Beeminder Blog”.