Recent beeminder successes

I wanted to share some recent successes/milestones:

  • core-planks I have been committed to this goal for 3 months which is the longest I’ve ever had a workout routine. I did derail over vacation, but I recommited instead of giving up. Derailing also convinced me to add planks to my morning routine instead of procrastinating to the very last minute and risking a derail every day.

  • Jobsearch - I have my first non-recruiter interview this week! I have a lot of negative self-talk about the job seeking process so I finally buckled down and made a very small goal - just 5 minutes a day of anything I can justify as job seeking. It feels like overcoming writers block by forcing myself to do ANY THING every day. I do need to kill my buffer but I’m sick this week so I appreciate the time off knowing I will have a big kick coming up to get back on track.