Reclaim (the Calendar based todo list)

I’m not affiliated with and it doesn’t actually have any AI, but still I think ya’ll ought to know about it.

It’s basically the todo list app I needed my whole life and didn’t realize it.

When you go to schedule a task in Reclaim, you tell it how much time you need for it and in what kind of chunks. Being thoughtful about this is useful and important.

Then, Reclaim goes and finds time on your calendar and blocks it off. After that, everything is driven from your calendar. Importantly:

  • Reclaim can tell you in advance if you’re going to meet your deadlines. Assuming your time requests are accurate and you always do what your calendar says. Sometimes that’s a big assumption! But a traditional todo list has no chance.

  • The Reclaim events are not some generic block like “work time” or “focus time”, it’s time specifically for that task.

  • Reclaim leaves the event as “available” (i.e. invisible to other people) until it is forced into blocking it based on the deadline.

  • If another event is scheduled on top of a Reclaim event, Reclaim just reschedules its event.

  • If you delete a Reclaim event from the past, Reclaim puts more time on your calendar in the future. (e.g. you got distracted)

  • If you drag a Reclaim event into the past, Reclaim now thinks you did the task. (e.g. you worked ahead)

Of course there’s a recurring tasks mechanism called “Habits” as well.

It’s really changed my life! This has replaced all of my previous todo list workflows with the only exception being a scratchpad for jotting down todos when I don’t have time to think about their time+deadline requirements (which I process using a Habit)


One more thing: This has replaced pomodoros for me because the new workflow being “always do what the calendar tells you to do at all times” lets me focus more or less automatically now. I used to worry about “coming up for air” a lot more.


That’s really interesting. I’ve tried Motion but it was super clunky and buggy, so I didn’t use it anymore
I’ll take a look at reclaim!


It’s really changed my life!

Sounds great! For long have you been using it though? (I’d like to know whether it has long-term survivability)


I started using Reclaim in February 2022. So I guess it’s been about 14 months.


This is super interesting. I wish they had an API. :thinking:

2 Likes may be of interest? But yes they should just have an API