Recommit without buffer: Terrifyingly advanced or for everyone?

Trivial organisation complaint. The “Recommit without buffer” option is found in two places:

  • On the creation page for every goal.
  • In the “terrifyingly advanced” section of your settings.

This seems a bit inconsistent. I like it on creation though. My vote would be to move it out of terrifyingly advanced.


I agree. Maybe the description needs to change, but the last thing I want is a week of flat spot in my NaNoWriMo goal.

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Even the ‘no mercy’ option is pretty lenient. I’ve got it in the back of my head that we should make use of the auto-ratchet number of ‘max safe days’ when recommitting. (i.e. use the minimum of current-practice and max-safe)

Another way of reducing the number of days off that you actually get is to measure the same IRL goal from different angles. e.g. for writing it might be word count and writing time. When one derails, the other doesn’t necessarily go with it.

Aside: @drmaciver’s comments had to do with the old design, so this particular setting has moved to the ‘commitment’ tab.