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Reporter app (statistical sampling)


This looks very interesting:

I wonder if this could be hooked up to Beeminder?


Ooh, exciting. Gonna try using this for a couple weeks. If it gathers
useful data, Reporter appears to do Dropbox and CSV and JSON export, so I
am quite hopeful that all sorts of useful things can be fed into Beeminder.


cool, just got it myself, thanks!


I’ve been using it since yesterday and I can say that it has a lot of
potential. I was thinking the same about how to hook-it up too beeminder.
Apparently it syncs the data with dropbox (which I did enable). It can also
export csv and json. This opens up the possibility to using Zapier to
trigger report events.

It’s really exactly what I was waiting for in terms of functionality of a
hasslepolling device to get contextual metadata out of my daily existence.
I don’t like the UI at all though. Terrible taste in colors.

P.S. Thanks for the Zapier integration guys.


Anyone using Reporter app actively? I want to know how to connect this with beeminder.