RescueTime - what gets reported?


I’m totally new to beeminder, my goal is reducing time wasted on certain sites (e.g. facebook, reddit).
I created a goal with rescue time integration, but I have no clue what gets reported. Rescue time has categories and distraction/productivity levels.

So I did some programming and watched a movie on amazon prime video and it seems all amazon was reported as time wasted (which could be, but it’s not my goal at the moment).

So how do I control what gets reported to beeminder? It’s totally unclear what the integration does and there seem to be no settings.


Hi @jk1! That’s a great question (and a worthy goal).

There are bound to be folks here who have a better answer than I do…

I think that Beeminder just relies on what RescueTime reports. So almost all the settings are on their side of the fence. This categories page looks like it might be useful, though you’ve probably already discovered that. Changes there should be reflected (eventually/going-forward/immediately/??) in your Beeminder goal.

Our RescueTime integration announcement said this:

You can beemind more Productive time, less Unproductive time, or track/limit any of the categories or activities that RescueTime knows about.

Also, if your video-watching inappropriately causes a derailment, email support and they’ll put it right. That’s part of the Beeminder philosophy, only wanting to charge you for legitimate time-wasting in violation of your goal…


Hi, @jk1, on rescuetime there is a possibility to edit how activities are categorized and evaluated in terms of productivity. If you open the list of activities for a day, you can edit it one by one if you feel they were miscategorized. After that, you should delete those datapoints in yourbeeminder goal which you consider wrong through “All data” tab, and click the synchronize button for it to receive new data from rescuetime.


As @scarabaea said, you can re-organize how each app/site is tracked on RT (e.g. on which category). You can also create custom sub-categories.
Then on the Beeminder side you can create a goal(s) to track specific sub-category(/ies) from RT.