Rescuetime Integration Categories

I will use the rescuetime integration to reduce the number of hours I spend on unproductive time.
It seems that rescuetime has changed the categories it used to focus work, other work, and personal activities instead of what beeminder currently has in general categories:

Does “all unproductive time” match personal activities in rescuetime?


You might find the answer in the help docs: Search results for rescuetime | Beeminder Help

But mostly I’m replying to bump this topic back to the top again, because doubtless there’s a rescuetime user among us who knows the answer


Where are you seeing the new categories? I just checked my account wondering what had changed and it is splitting my time into Very Productive/Productive/Neutral/Distracting/Very Distracting same as it ever was.


(Reply to an old thread because I figured out what was going on here.)

I discovered recently that there are two version of RescueTime. The “classic” one has the (all/very) (productive/unproductive) categories, and the “new” one has the focus/other/personal categories. And I’m guessing the Beeminder integration is only set up to work with the “classic” one.

RescueTime sent me to the link Sign in to RescueTime to download the “classic” software but I have a feeling that’ll only work if you already have a RescueTime account.


That’s interesting. I created a new beeminder for very distracting time, and there is data pinging to beeminder from rescuetime, so I guess its using the old api via the classic software. I have a firefox extension for rescuetime which uses the old software as well.
In the new rescuetime, there is only a “personal activities” section.

I am trying to avoid habitually using my phone or other technology to scroll through meaningless content when I’m tired, so the current integration serves that purpose.

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