Retroracheting resets target date and vice versa.

Hi everybody,

Something a bit puzzling happened. I adjusted my goal completion date to a month from today, and found that the number of days left before I derail had jumped to the number of days to the goal date.

Since I wanted today to be an Eeep! day, I tried to retroratchet to 0, but that reset the goal date to today. Changing the date back completed the loop.

Suggestions would be most welcome.

All the best,


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Hiya retroratcheting indeed does move around the target date and changes the dates of future scheduled changes in the road too, so if you’ve got a break neatly scheduled for a week from now and then ratchet the road, you’ll mess up the dates of the break. :sadface: We intentionally / full knowingly implemented it like that, so it’s kind of not a bug… but it’s so weird and literally never what people want to have happen, so I hope we do eventually come up with a better algorithm…

In the mean time, what you’ve described about ratcheting your goal and the goal date becomes today, then that means you had less days left in the goal than the number of days of safety buffer you tried to throw away, so you may want to check the slope of your road (e.g. if the rate was 0 and you ratchet to 0 days this can happen), and you can also shove your goal date way into the future, ratchet to the correct buffer for today, and then readjust your goal date.


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