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Another retroratchet bug: daily total resets


I have a goal where I need to log 2 units/day. If I’ve logged 1/2 and then retrorachet to today, it resets the daily total, incorrectly making it so I still have 2/2 to do today.


You’re sure that’s not the more natural behavior? Ratcheting to zero safe days means you should have the full daily amount due that day. Maybe?

(General idea that would help us a lot with bug reports: Including (1) numbered steps to follow to reproduce the behavior, (2) what you expected to happen, and (3) what actually happened. Often it seems like overkill to include all 3 of those, especially when “what I expected” goes without saying, but it’s surprisingly helpful to have all 3 anyway.

PS: Don’t worry about all that every time, but if there’s uncertainty about whether something is a bug or confusion about what it is, it can be super helpful to edit the original bug report to include those 3 parts.)


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set up a goal requiring 2 units/day, due in 3 days
  2. Log 1 of the 2 units today
  3. Retrorachet to 0 days

Expected outcome:
As I’ve logged one out of two today, then noticed the number of safe days was too high, I would expect that correcting the problem preserves the number I need to do today.

Actual outcome:
Retroracheting resets to the full daily amount due today, ignoring how many I’ve actually done.

I’m very sure that’s not the more natural behavior. It’s surprising and unexpected to have the full daily amount reset, and to fix it, I have to add incorrect data with a note like “fixing retrorachet bug.”

If there’s something you have to do every morning and night, and you did it in the morning, you should have 1 out of 2 left that day, plus 2 for each day until the deadline. Reducing the extra time should reduce the amount due by 2 for each day you retrorachet Since I’ve already done the task in the morning, fixing the goal to make today an eep day should leave me with 1 left to do, not 2.