Road manipulation and premium plan

EDIT: nevermind, not sure why I was using nil instead of null, and not sure what that last 1000 was supposed to be. Probably having two conflicting points the same day didn’t help either. Anyway, this works:

    ["2018-10-30", 0,    null],
    ["2018-11-01", null,  0.30],
    ["2018-11-02", null,  0.31],
    ["2018-11-03", null,  0.32],
    ["2018-11-04", null,  0.33]

Original post below:

Am I right to assume I can’t edit roadall with the api if I’m on Infinibee and not on Bee plus?

I’m not sure I understand how I’m supposed to use roadall. What I actually wanted to do was to write a script to interpolate the daily rate so that every day I’m working on a goal a minute more. Up to a final rate, as I think working more than 24 hours a day on something might be overkill. :slight_smile:

passing this as roadall

[“2018-10-30”, 0, nil],
[“2018-11-01”, nil, 0.30],
[“2018-11-02”, nil, 0.31],
[“2018-11-03”, nil, 0.32],
[“2018-11-04”, nil, 0.33],
[“2018-11-04”, 1000, 0.33]


{“errors”:{“message”:“Error parsing params (roadall)”}}

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