Strange road dial issue

This just happened to me: I had a do more goal with a goal total and a daily rate set. I had already reached the goal total (early), and this wasn’t a goal where negative datapoints made any sense. So the goal was just laying around not doing much, just taking up space as I waited for the computed goal date to arrive. That would have been pointless, so I went to see if there was some way to dial the goal to end today.

I changed the dial so that the rate and the goal date were the attributes that were set, then I tried to change the goal date. Well, it wouldn’t let me make the goal date be any closer than a week away (OK, I guess that makes sense), so I decided to see what would happen if I changed it back to a goal total + date goal, and lower the goal total to something that would imply a goal date of today.

Well, this is what happens when you do that:

Fair enough, I guess. The implied date is in the past, although I had hoped that all that would mean is that the goal now counts as successfully completed. (Which does seem to have happened as well: I got the automatic email for a goal completion, and the Beeminder UI let me archive this now-completed goal, which is what I wanted from all this. It just the graph that’s messed up.)

Also, this:

It seems to be putting that same text (badly formatted, with literal \ns in place of newlines) in the baremin field, for some reason.

Anyway: all this is a mess. If I’m not supposed to be able to do this, the Beeminder site should prevent me from doing this. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to archive early those do-more goals whose goal total I’ve already reached, and there should be some officially sanctioned way to do that.


Quickly posting to say: there is! Insofar as “contact support and ask” counts as a solution, at least (which from your post I’m guessing you wouldn’t agree with, and are looking for a solution you can apply yourself).

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