I want to Beemind my night time and cleaning routines but I know that I’m probably not realistically going to enter in data every day. The goals I’ve been successful with pull data from my Fitbit app. Is there a way I can connect Beeminder to a routine app (Brili, Routinery, or Routinist)? I tried looking through IFTTT integrations and didn’t see any of those apps.


I contacted Brili relatively recently and they did not have any way for folks to get their data.


@sonali1214 Hopefully you’ll get an answer to your question, but in case you don’t maybe this will help…

Do any of those routine apps allow you to open another app or a web page as part of the routine?
If so, could you configure your routines to open the Beeminder app or the appropriate goal web page as the final step of the routine? That might make it a little easier to enter the data manually.

Or do can they trigger an Apple Shortcut? If so, maybe you could make a Shortcut for sending a +1 to the right goal and have that as the final routine step?
There’s some details about Shortcuts in this comment from another thread.


Another possibility is to have a NFC tag that you scan at the start or end of your routine with your phone.


Habitify ( ) is awesome (and beautiful and your data is shareable and I love it and can’t say enough good things about it) and you can use IFTTT to have it send a +1 to a Beeminder graph when you check off a habit.

I use Routinist and Habitify together and I find it works quite nicely (in fact, they’re so central to my day’s flow that they take 2 of the 4 spots in my app tray at the bottom of my phone). Routinist keeps me on track, time-wise, and then I use Habitify for hyper-quick, longer-term tracking (which doubles as logging to Beeminder for the goals I’m beeminding).

I usually pop into Habitify every 3-6 habits or so, so I don’t get far behind with logging outside of Routinist and I always log all my habits when I finish a Routinist routine (so that I don’t clear the stack and forget whether I did X or Y today when I try to log it later).

Re. Sharing Habitify habits

Here’s a graph of how I’m doing with my “Take my Vitamin D supplement” habit, for example (Note that you can see different periods of shared habits using the dropdown at the top right.)