How to track gym routine?

I’m hoping to establish a gym routine and working out 3 times a week, but don’t want to rely on self reporting and logging into beeminder every other day.

What tools can I use to track it and connect to beeminder to report more automatically and reliably? What do you use?

Currently I use fitnotes on android to track my workouts, but it doesn’t appear to be an option to connect with beeminder, is there another similar app that can connect and report to beeminder automatically? Or alternatively something like Habitica - although I haven’t figured how to set that up yet.

I use IFTTT and the Android plugin to add a 1 to my gym_visits goal when I
enter a specified location. It works great for me!

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the gym is in my building, so that might not work as well. But the idea is I want to use some app to save my workout progress, exercises, reps etc and want beeminder to be able to connect to that app automatically.

Any idea what sort of app you’ll use? If it’s something that syncs online,
or can send emails, that can often be tied together. Another option might
be a google form going to a spreadsheet, which can go into beeminder too
(but also feels like manual…)

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I’m using fitnotes currently, but if there is another similar app that connects to beeminder directly I can consider switching

I press the add button on my iphone iOS beeminder app every time i do an exercise. It’s daily.

All depends on how many setup you want to do vs the daily / weekly manual interaction.

The one app we connect automatically to that is designed around tracking workouts is Runkeeper – though for indoor gym workouts you’ll have to manually enter into Runkeeper.

You could take Adam’s spreadsheet idea and make a google form to fill out for each workout and then put a link to the form on your phone – then you can hook up IFTTT to trigger on new lines in the spreadsheet => datapoint in beeminder goal.

Ok, those are my off the cuff ideas – good luck!


Does your gym have a specific Wi-Fi network that’s only in range when you go there? I use ifttt to log a workout whenever my phone connects to my gym’s wifi. Alternatively, if I’m going for a run, I use another applet to enter a data point every time I log a workout using Strava.

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