Runkeeper activity not syncing

I have a running goal set up and connected to my Runkeeper account. I’ve completed three previous activities on Runkeeper, which synced to Beeminder immediately. Today’s activity, however, doesn’t sync to Beeminder at all. Not automatically, and not when I click Refresh on Beeminder. The app is still shown as Connected on Runkeeper. What could be wrong here?

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Did you try to resend your activity from the app to the runkeeper servers? I had a somewhat similar sounding problem today as well.

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Thanks! I just tried your tip. Unfortunately, the activity did resync to the Runkeeper servers, but still didn’t reach Beeminder.

Oh, never mind. Apparently, it was set to sync Running activities only, and today’s training was a Walking activity. (Yes, it counts, because it’s part of my training schedule :grinning:)

Still don’t understand why my first Walking activity did sync, but at least the issue is resolved now.

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Then I would suggest that you message beeminder support about this, if you haven’t already. One last guess: If the activity you wanted to log today is of a different kind, then beeminder might disregard it. I had that happen to me too, when I tried to log a walk instead of a run.


Like minds… :slight_smile: We cross-posted the same conclusion!


Haha. Glad it’s cleared up now!