RunKeeper to Strava

Hey Beeminders,

I’ve had this [running goal] ( for a while which uses the RunKeeper API but now I want to switch to Strava since that’s what kids are using these days.

Given that I checked “I’m a weasel”, how do I change it? Maybe someone from the staff do it for me?


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Hi there! Even if you’re not weaselproofed, you can’t change the data source – actually, it’d be interesting to know whether you thought you could; that might be something that’s weird or unclear that we could fix!

Anyway, what you’ll need to do is create a new goal with the integration settings you want (the graph doesn’t matter and will be deleted), and then send an email to to ask us to switch it over. You’ll need to include the link to the old goal and the new goal – naming it something like “temp-run” will make it easy for us to tell which one is which. :slight_smile: We’ll switch the new autodata info into the goal, and then delete the temporary one.