It seems I can manually modify auto-entered data points from Strava

It seems I can manually modify auto-entered data points from Strava…which in my view…defeats the purpose of AUTO-entered data

Is this a bug?
If yes , will it be fixed?
Otherwise it’s very easy to cheat and manually fudge your own data which defeats the purpose of auto data

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Sorry this is still confusing and inconsistent! Here are some answers:

  1. You can weaselproof an autodata goal and it won’t let you manually edit anything.
  2. Weaselproofed or not, the next time the goal fetches your data from Strava or wherever, it will overwrite what you entered and make sure it matches the source (Strava in your case).
  3. For Strava in particular there may be a bug with doing that and it may be incorrectly sticking with manually entered data. We’re investigating that (thanks for the help in figuring it out!).
  4. Our intention is for Beeminder to only overwrite manual data from the past week. Anything more than a week old is outside the statute of limitations. Not all autodata integrations are consistent about that one-week threshold yet though.

The android app correctly doesn’t let me update the auto data but the website it does allow me

And no…refreshing from Strava doesn’t do anything to manual data

Plus I discovered another big problem. I set up a goal to run “at least 3 miles a day”

But if I run 21 miles today, then I don’t need to run for 7 days… So allowing goals “per day” when the software is cumulative is a bug

What’s the code written in? Can I take a peak? I’ll sign an NDA

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Au contraire! That’s intentional and we have a lot of reasons for that. See @grayson’s “Baby Got Bonus” and our old blog post, “It’s Chunky Time”. If you do want to enforce a minimum per day regardless of how much safety buffer you’ve accumulated you need our autoratchet feature.

Well…you guys use a lot of made up words thruout your websites…weasel something…“something PER DAY” that’s actually cumulative.

You don’t see this confusion on

Anyway…I haven’t seen this ratchet option

I want to “run at least 3 miles a day and not be able to cheat easily”. How do I do that…with Strava?

“Something per day” refers to how much your slope goes up per day, which does in fact enforce that, on average, you have done n units per day, ignoring derails and breaks.

Beeminder definitely has a learning curve, but I hope you won’t give up on it too soon. It’s an incredibly powerful service. I’ve been a big user for over a year and it’s provided huge value to me personally.


Help me create one single goal please

I wanna run at least 3 miles a day, per day, every day

Or…I don’t want to eat more than X grams of fat, sugar
Or …I have to eat X grams of protein a day…from a food tracking website

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If you don’t want to subscribe to Bee Plus to get access to auto trimming safety buffer, I’d suggest calling your goal something like three-mile-runs, give it a slope of one per day, and add a data point of 1 every time you run at least 3 miles.

You could apply the same strategy to your other two goals if you never want to accumulate buffer.

For your fat / sugar goals you could make them either do less or do more goals. I’d probably lean towards do-more, and register a data point of 1 each day I stayed within my limit.

If you’re hoping to use an auto data integration, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription to get the auto trim safety buffer feature, as the previous strategy won’t work if you’re entering raw data (number of miles run, x grams of fat, etc).

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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I would be happy to sign up for the 16 dollars a month plan IF i would be sure it works. But right now , the fact that i can manually modify the auto generated data from Strava … it makes it extremely easy to cheat . WAY TOO EASY

Right… I think the weasel proof setting is definitely what you’re looking for to prevent the data point editing.

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I am confused
The “weaselproofing” ( btw you guys should use normal vocabulary ) is so you CANNOT cancel except after 7 days … has nothing to do with editing auto generated data .
Or does it ?
That is why it is so error prone and confusing to create a very simple goal … i wanna run 2 miles a day , every day , each day

Weasel proofing does multiple things to make goals harder–hence why the name isn’t just “don’t let me delete this in the first week.”

Restrictions I’m aware of:

  • Support will be stricter about letting you cancel derails.
  • You aren’t able to delete the goal in the first week.
  • You aren’t able to edit old auto data.
  • You aren’t able to email data to an auto data goal.
  • You aren’t able to convert an auto data goal to a manual data goal.

@dreev Could this be made clearer in the setting’s description?


You probably want to set two goals for that, one for running every day (with a weekly rate of 6 to give you some buffer for real life) and one for cumulative miles per day.