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Running into technical limitations creating useful goals with toggl and beeminder


I have a problem with goofing off too much at work, and I’d like to beemind it, but the ways I’ve come up with to beemind it are hitting what I think are technical limitations. I do time tracking using toggl, but the integration with beeminder is pretty basic – do-more goals for specific clients/projects – and there’s no IFTTT integration at all.

My first solution has been to beemind hours worked. I’ve done this for a while, but I’ve found that I tend to work feast or famine: I’ll work 7 hours one day, then slack off the next two days (when I have safety buffer). Normally I’d cure this with an aggressive limitation on safety buffer (no more than 1 safe day, for example), but since this is a work goal, I need to have weekends off and schedule holiday breaks, which doesn’t play at all with autoratcheting (since every weekend gives 2 safe days!).

Then I came up with the idea of beeminding the difference between time spent goofing off (which is also tracked using toggl) and time spent working, but I can’t figure out any way to get beeminder to do that sort of math. And even if I did, there’s not an easy way to limit this judgement to just work hours (I could mark worktime entries in toggl with a tag manually, but there’s currently no way to exclude a tag from the beeminder integration).

Finally, I could do a straight do-less goal for faffing about at work, but toggl’s integration is do-more only, and it runs into the same time-based limitation as the previous idea.

Please consider this a request for the above toggl and beeminder features, but also, I’d love any suggestions about how to work around these limitations with the current implementation! Ideally, I’d like to have at least two pro-work, anti-goof goals, so I get hit from as many directions as possible, but at this point I’d settle for one that worked.


Check Zapier, you can do much more stuff than IFTTT like filtering or data calculation.
This filter by tag sounds quite possibly doable. You probably can automate it by time anyway, Zapier can filter the process by any field it gets.


Thanks, I’ll look into Zapier. I haven’t run into it before (somehow)!