Toggl integration in open beta!

It’s not officially launched yet but you can find it at beeminder dot com slash toggl (don’t link to it till it’s launched!).

We’d love to get your thoughts, and especially bug reports!


Awesome! Just made a goal for it! I was letting my Toggl time/life logging habit go away recently. This should revitalize it. I’ll report any bugs or issues :smiley:


And if you could click the heart[…] that would be nice for showing off to Toggl that Beeminder users are excited to have this.

I am not a Toggl user (yet …) … and I am excited to have this!

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Hooray! I’ve used Toggl for kinda passive tracking for about 4 years (I wanted to see how I was using my time as a salaried guy, and also at what threshold working more hours meant I was less productive). Toggl didn’t have the teeth Beeminder did but it did let me tell my boss when he casually asked whether I was working to capacity exactly what my capacity was.

I’ma create a beeminder goal just to fiddle around.


Thanks so much, everyone! We managed to break it this weekend so if you haven’t created a goal yet you may not be able to for… a few more hours? @apb?

Stand by! [UPDATE: and fixed, we think!]

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Anyone who managed to create a goal in the first place was probably unaffected - the issue was limited to people who had no projects, clients, or tags on toggl. Fixed now though.