Semi Beenary Goals

So I have two goals that are a simple yes or no I did not. For my YNAB one I have started putting 1.1 for a completion. This allows me to build a buffer day every 10 days. Does anybody else do this? If so what rate do you prefer 1.05, 1.25, etc.


I prefer to use 1 and 0 for datapoints and set my rate to 0.9 or 0.75 or whatever.


Strongly recommend being precise with your data input, and adjusting the rate accordingly. Besides being More Correct in a quantified-self sort of way (if you word your beenary goal targets as “days on which I Did The Thing”, then +1/day isn’t just handy, it’s precisely correct), but it’s easier to reason about adjustments to the rate if you decide you want more or less frequent accumulation of buffer days.

I’ll note that the rate box knows what to do with fractions—if you want a buffer day every ten, you can set your rate to 9/10 and when you tab out it’ll update to 0.9. That makes it really easy to set rates that are relevant on a week-scale, e.g. 13/14 or 27/28.

Also, I’m absolutely pleased as punch that you call them “beenary” too :3


As y’all have recommended I will switch the rate. As I agree it’s nicer data wise.