What rate do you have for your daily goals?

If you have daily goals, what rate are they set to?

This is a follow up to Help me stop the "daily" tasks from taking over everything?

So I’m trying to figure out what rate to set for my daily goals. There are a few different options here.

  • 1/day - they should be done every day - I’m trying to build up habits here. And some of them are very important to do every day or almost every day (medications might be a good example). But this means I can’t make progress on the buffer and they’ll always be beemergencies.

  • 0.85/day or so - gotta leave a little room to gain a buffer

  • 0.85/day or so - taking the long view, the outside view, in the course of a month or so, there will be times when I have other things that are more important, and so realistically, I don’t actually want to do them every day taking all of that into account.

  • 0.7/day or so - taking both of those things into account

I feel like there is a goldilocks-type curve here where a rate that is too high or too low is not going to be very effective - I won’t do the stuff, will derail, will call non-legit, etc.

So what rate do you usually set for daily goals, and how do you decide?


0.9 works for me. Found it by trial and error.

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I use .9 a lot, too. Though since I pretty much don’t work on my goals unless they’re about to derail, I don’t actually build up that much buffer on most of them.


There are some other weirder options, too, like 1/8th with max safe days set to 0. This is “do everyday, but get it out of my face after I do it.”

I don’t love it, but I leave it around mostly to remember that it exists. I am certain there is a better Beeminder that would make it so I didn’t see these certain daily goals after I’ve done them.

Some I want to see graphs and think about, others are just super TODOs.


I think @narthur wrote a greasemonkey¹ script that turns your dashboard into an agenda, hiding what’s done for the day.

¹ well not greasemonky, something else, but same idea

That’s brilliant. I love it - I may start doing that.

The only problem is that it wouldn’t work on the android app widgets.

This is the problem I’m having :frowning: I’m trying to get the pretty colors :rainbow: :rainbow_flag: to motivate me but that requires that I’m not slow as a snail :snail: building up buffer! Like 0.9 means it would take a month to go from red to green.

Weekends on or off you Niners @phi @narthur ? Weekends off gives you a little more extra room to accumulate buffer.

@phi I’m surprised yours isn’t 0.618.

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The majority of my goals are weekends off.

I promise, you won’t have that problem with the iOS app :wink:

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