Set displayed rate to current rate please!

In the android app, it shows the future-most rate instead of the current rate.

For example, I have an hours/week study goal and I tried to get clever and in the graph editor scheduled a slop of zero when the semester ends in May, which makes the rate in the app display as 0 hours/wk instead of 17.5 hours/wk. For another example, I have a times/week goal currently set at 3, scheduled in a month to up itself to 4, then in a month up itself to 5, then 6. My current rate is 3/week; the app shows it to be 6/week.

It used to be the other way, and it’s really obnoxious scheduling future increases now, because I can’t look at that and know what my commitment is NOW. I don’t need to know what my commitment is in 3 months; I need to know what I owe for TODAY.

Heck, is the code open source? I’ll make a PR for it myself!


I’m surprised that this would have changed recently, since as far as I know @adamwolf hasn’t actually submitted any recent changes… :thinking: And I don’t recall anything deliberately targeted at changing this behaviour, either. Do you know when it changed?

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Ah, well, maybe I just never realized it before. I noticed it early January.

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Indeed, @trb97horsegal is correct, Beedroid gets this wrong, it’s not @adamwolf’s fault – there’s a bunch of technical debt here and also it’s just inherently complex how we support a completely arbitrary piecewise-linear function for the bright red line. There’s related confusion with the commitment dial where we give this woefully wordy warning:

This will adjust the final segment of your red line graph, so if you already have graph changes upcoming, you might want to use the more powerful graph editor to make changes to your commitment.

Typically people don’t have additional future changes in their bright red line – the current segment and the final segment are the same – which is presumably why it took @trb97horsegal this long to realize.

Anyway, really valuable bug report (even if it takes us another forever to get to this)! DM me for stickers or a honey money bounty!


If I say please really nicely, will you bump it up the queue? :upside_down_face:

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