shanaqui's Beeminder Journal: 2024

Opening thoughts:

Unfortunately, this week got fairly derailed right off the bat by the death of my wife’s grandfather… and his funeral just five days later, in another country from us. We got things worked out, but obviously stuff got disrupted (I headed off to my parents’ house again, since we live in the middle of nowhere and my wife took the car), I needed to add breaks, etc.

I did at least get my February New Month’s Resolution goal set up as planned, more about which below!

New goals:

  • /morningpages - As I mentioned before, this goal is for writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness, whatever’s on my mind, more or less first thing on a morning. For now it’s set to run just through February, and has a bit of buffer since the goal isn’t officially starting yet. That said, I’ve been enjoying the habit so far, though I consistently underestimate how long it takes to write three pages! I guess this one is highly variable depending on your handwriting and the spacing of your lines: my handwriting is small, and I use narrow lines. Still, three pages is just a rule of thumb, and I find three pages is enough that I start getting out of just thinking about what I need to do today, and working out feelings or ideas on the page. I wrote a little more about the plan and goal setup in the New Month’s Resolutions thread.

Changes to existing goals:

  • /tody, /weighingin - Some breaks added quickly for the fact that I was away from home.
  • /lshtm_time - This one also needed a break because I wasn’t able to work on my essays while I was away… Someone forgot their textbooks, oops! Plus, research sucks without my second screen and the macros I’ve programmed on my gaming mouse and gaming keyboard, which I do not use for gaming.
  • /lshtm_nutrition, /lshtm_bacterial - These goals were for studying each section of my course book, and both were finally completed last week!

Closing thoughts:

I’m trying to close my posts each week with a goal-related task for the coming week, this year. This week I think I’d like to get some kind of new stepping-stone-to-better-fitness goal in place: probably for redoing the 200 situps training programme, because that’s something I’ve done before and it provides another point in my day around which I can start to crystallise some more exercise habits (while not being a particularly important/useful end in itself). I think I probably have an archived goal for it, so I might restart that… or start fresh, shiny and new. Either way, that’s my task for the week ahead.