New Month's Resolutions

January /plank goal update:

I kept it up through the whole month, and decided to keep it through at least the next month as well. I’ve slightly reduced the rate so I can take a rest day each week, and also think through a bit more of a training plan to increase how long I can hold a plank for.

I don’t feel like I’ve made a lot of progress: I’m still only able to hold a forearms+toes plank with reasonably good form for about 45 seconds. That said, I gave a hands-and-toes “full” plank a go, and held that for 30 seconds.

February /morningpages goal:

I was tempted to do another fitness type goal this month to keep ramping it up. But the one I have in mind isn’t new to me, I know exactly the rate etc I want to use and how I want to do it, so instead I’ve decided to do a morning pages goal. The idea is that more or less first thing, you sit down and handwrite three pages, dumping out all your thoughts. It’s supposed to be a creative tool, but I was reading Roland Allen’s The Notebook: A History of Thinking on Paper, and it seemed worth trying in general for de-stressing. Also, it seems like a nice thing to help me create a morning routine and get myself off the ground a bit better.

So I’ve given it a rate of 3/day, decided I’ll try it on weekends as well, and we’ll see how it goes. I started with a couple of days of leeway since it’s not February yet, but… I’m starting already, to see if e.g. using my reMarkable feels right, or whether I want to buy a paper journal for it. I’ve already decided that the infinite scroll on my reMarkable is a no-go, but I’ll try tomorrow with creating a new page each time I reach the bottom, instead of scrolling.