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Skating the edge

I’ve added four meta-goals that are beginning to prove very useful to me, so I wanted to share.

  1. Urgency load. It’s a metric I found in Beeminder API.
  2. Beemergencies. Got that via IFTTT
  3. Number of green goals.
  4. Combined number of green and blue goals.

What this does is very helpful for me. Before, I used to survey my red goals first thing in the morning and gradually turn them orange. I ignored my orange, green and blue goals.

Now I can’t do that anymore. I have to be proactive and plan ahead. These are all good skills for me to learn.

It also teaches me to set realistic goals. When I am comfortably green, I reward myself by editing the road and making it a bit steeper, “unlocking the next level”.

I am not sure it’s good for Beeminder business model. Except when I rebel against myself and go red anyway. But now I can sense that rebellion way ahead of time, by my green goal failing and a part of me sort of… gloating about it.

I wasn’t even sensing that inner rebel until I conditioned myself to be in the green (not blue, not orange, not red). When in red, panic ensues, adrenaline runs high. That prevents me from quieting my mind enough to feel that inner saboteur.

Anyone else can relate?