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Snoozing is losing - losing $810!!

Restarting my $810 proj240 goal this week! This will be the third round - the first two were very successful and I got a ton of work done!

BUT - last time I ended up snoozing till 6am, and for a few days I was staying up till 6am every night! Essentially, if snoozing is allowed, 6am is the “real” deadline, so an edge-skater like me will eventually push it right to the 6am edge. @dreev

So, to prevent this from happening this week, I am adding a new rule - snoozing is losing! If I snooze even by 1 minute I lose! And - I have to finish all the work by 11pm each day!

Hopefully putting this in writing on the forum will help me commit to this!


I made a reminder for myself on my phone, look!

Wow this is one impressive goal!

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This is going well so far! I got everything done by 11 every day, and today I moved it a little earlier, so it’s due at 9!

Moved it back to 11 for today. I had hoped to make it by 9 today but I got a late start. I couldn’t sleep last night and then went back to sleep. I also have a physical therapy appointment and I’m running late for it so I probably won’t get home in time to finish by 9.

I don’t consider this to be losing snoozing - but I’d like to hear people’s take on this @mary @dreev @narthur @phi @marcmarti @shanaqui @adamwolf and anyone else who wants to buzz in! (Related: Accomplishing the goal but not the rate (aka when derailing might not be "fair") )

I have to abdicate due to conflict of interest!

PS: I just read it more closely and I think if I were allowed to adjudicate you might have some wiggle room on not snoozing it past the deadline you originally committed to. If you’d wanted to rule that out it would’ve made sense to explicitly reaffirm the commitment when you moved the deadline to 9pm. Since you didn’t do that, there’s some reasonable doubt, maybe, I’m not sure…

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I’ve already made the call that it’s not losing snoozing, since the original intent was

and I’m not going to change my mind on that.

So you can freely opine secure in the knowledge that it won’t actually affect revenue. Besides, this is a good test case for the larger debate.

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Hey! I have not properly read your comment with enough context to understand it until now, but I think you have already have found a solution :wink:

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Not totally sure that I have :frowning: