So frustrated! I fucked up again! Not enough time to do all remaining tasks by the deadline!

Grrr I am so frustrated that I fucked up again!

My deadline is in less than three hours and I have too many beeminder goals left for today to finish them all before the deadline!

I have my 4 30-minute goals, I have to read 2 chapters, 15 min of GTD processing, and 2 24-min meditation goals!

I’ll have to do whatever costs me the least money but it’s frustrating. Again I didn’t get everything done today! And I’m tired and wanted to go to bed early!

Guys, help me figure out how to do better :frowning:


Eek! I know this feeling! Hugs!

My long-term suggestion is deadline waterfalls. In short, go to and stagger all the deadlines so they happen one at a time.


Yeah time based goals can (and I suppose will) do that at some point. Welcome to the club :sweat_smile:

And I shall prioritise the soft deadline automatism I have been working on :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I occasionally weasel deadlines by an hour or so when I run into the situation of “I’m actively working on this thing but will finish it slightly after the deadline.” A couple of times, that’s even been up to three or four hours (and one special case was about 4 days, back when a normal 4-day period over a weekend unexpectedly turned into 8+ workdays…). Don’t tell the Beeminder team, but I’ve found this extremely useful/productive and it gets me the (incredible) benefits I’m looking for from using Beeminder. :smiley:

If I’m tired and want to go to bed early, I choose to derail instead.

Deadline waterfalls sound like a good idea.

interesting, I assume you considered moving the deadline on those goals to 4am or 6am, so… why didn’t you?

I think there’s a Beeminder feature that lets you do this officially! I think it’s called snoozing.

If you mean me, I have a very simple answer to this: there are weeks on end when I bring 3-hour goals down to the last 10 minutes and barely complete them by the deadline without wiggling it.

If I set them to 4am or 6am, this pattern means that I would utterly trash my sleep schedule, and I’d rather not do that.


This is also true for me. If I move the deadline later I’ll also start the projects later.