spearfish4400 Beeminder Journal

Hello, I am new to Beeminder. I am starting a journal for extra accountability with my goals.

School Related Goals

These goals are all important since I will be resuming school on August 15th with one of my classes being Calculus II.

Daily Goals

  • drink water drink 96 fluid ounces of water
  • limit youtube to one hour or less
    • This is a simple yes or no (1 or 0) goal
    • Once I get to Akrasia horizon (July 14th) I will increase this goal to one hour and 10 minutes (the extra 10 minutes is for catching up on news). Although, I can change this at any time since I can edit the y-axis label or goal description. I will try to be honest with myself maintain the goal until the Akrasia horizon.
    • Another change I am making is changing the goal to 6 days out of the week instead of daily.
  • gratitude and accomplishment journal
    • Yes or no (1 or 0) goal
  • shut down electronics by 9:15pm
    • Yes or no (1 or 0) goal
  • wake up at 7:00am
    • Yes or no (1 or 0) goal
    • Once I get Akrasia horizon (July 14th) I will change this goal to “wake up at 6:30am” or “wake up at 6:00am.” I am leaning more towards “wake up at 6:00am.” Although, I can edit the y-axis label and goal description anytime…I will try to be honest and I will not change the wake up goal until July 14th.
  • important task first thing in morning
    • Yes or no (1 or 0) goal
    • My important task currently is Calculus.
    • I am having an issue where I begin my day with YouTube. I created this goal with the hope of starting my morning productively instead.


  • AX-1 AX-1 is a workout program I got a couple of years ago that I have not finished. I want to finally finish it!
    • Complete 5 exercises a week
  • Jogging
    • Minimum of 60 minutes a week but ideally 90 minutes a week.
  • Pull-up sets
    • I suck at pull-ups and want to get better at them.
    • To start I have the goal of 4 sets a week. Next week, it will increase to 8 sets a week.

Programming/Computer Science

  • teach yourself CS is a self-taught computer science curriculum. I have a goal to try to log in 200 hours in one year.
  • cs61a is part of the teach yourself CS curriculum. I plan on logging 4 hours a week.
  • cs-primer This is a collection of CS related courses with a monthly subscription. The courses have an emphasis on learning via practice over lecture. I will complete the two courses I have started then I will probably cancel my subscription and look for free alternatives for CS/programming practice. The goal is two complete 3 problems a week (one module in a course).
  • game engine I currently have multiple components planned for my simple 2D pygame engine. I am currently working on an animation system. I need to write up the pseudocode at the moment. I am planning to spend 4 hours a week on this project.
    • I am planning on working animation component of game engine then archiving this goal to work on building a home server.


  • I have always been off and on with drawing so I am hoping to be more consistent.
  • NMA this is a drawing school with a variety of online courses. I have been enjoying going through the courses. I currently have the goal set to go through NMA courses for 3 hours a week.
  • Drawing exercises @ 50 minutes a week

Misc. Goals

  • Language Transfer Italian Language Transfer is channel on YouTube who has a playlist for Italian. I want to make it a goal to go through the entire playlist. I planning on investing 50 minutes a week on this goal.

Final Notes

  • I tend to be someone who adds one to many goals so I am hoping the monetary punishment of beeminder helps keep me on track and prevents me from putting too much on my plate.
  • Finally, I have beeminder for this weekly journal as well: beeminder accountability journal
  • I am excited to use beeminder and I will probably write in the gratitude journaling and new months resolution thread.