Stop messing with my road.

Is there a way to make Beeminder not change the road at all even when I derail?


How does it look like if you retrorachet with a zero days buffer?

It instaderailed me. :frowning2:

Yeah you can’t retroratchet right after a derail or you’ll derail. :slight_smile:

I would also find this useful for my goal which ought to have its critical edge at exactly 0 at all times forever. Today I have to futz with Take a Break after a derail.


If you are a premium member, when you know you’re going to derail, you can change the “Abs lane width” setting (giving yourself a 1 day buffer) and put the amount of the pledge in a jar (or mail a check to @dreev :))

I also have a goal I would prefer having as a straight line despite occasional derailments (for statistics, etc). What I usually do after a derailment, is waiting until the day I am in the place where the road would be if it was not for the jump after derailment, and retroratchet it on that day. I am not sure it works equally neat on do-more goals, but on do-less it is pretty neat. For example, I have a rate of 1 a week, and historically it is so that this next “1” is replenished on Saturday. Occasionally, I use it up earlier during the week, derail and have the road jump… but then on Saturday, I retroratchet with “0” and have the road back where it should have been. The odd segment remains there of course, but the road is in its original place as least.