Swarm of bugs after site redesign

How long has this beeminder been around? Constantly encountering graphics not updating, or displaying, server issues etc. Really makes me hesitant signing up for a lifetime account given the amount bugs I’ve encountered in such short amount of time.

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Oh man, huge sad face. But the answer is we’re in this for the long haul and in fact just had our 5th birthday but we broke a lot of things with our big redesign last month and are still catching up.

The server issues we believe are about to get better as @bee is about to deploy a beefier server. That may fix the broken images, which have been happening for me as well, or that may be a separate bug that we’ll get to the bottom of soon.

Thanks so much for bearing with us and please keep giving us this kind of feedback; it’s insanely valuable for us to hear!

PS: Message me privately if you’d like the link to the old design. We can’t support it for long so we don’t want to broadcast it but for comparison and helping us see which bugs are due to the redesign, it can be very helpful.

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Aside: it seems to me that our commitment to making user visible improvements should also reduce the risk of buying a longer plan.

Of course, it’s vigilant users shouting about things that aren’t as they should be that helps identify and prioritise those UVIs. Thanks for not just quietly disappearing.


Well looks like I have joined Beeminder at the worst of times. Hopefully you guys will stamp out the bugs soon.

Anything specific you’ve been bitten by besides sporadic broken graph images on the dashboard and general server slowness? Specific bug reports will help us immensely!

As a user who’s been around almost as long as Beeminder has, I can assure you this is (unfortunately) actually true. I’ve encountered more bugs in the last month than in the entire four and a half years prior. I hope you’ll take that comment as good news, though - this is definitely not the norm for Beeminder.

What is the norm, and continues to be true, is that the staff is super helpful and responsive, and the team works every day on improving the site in ways you can see. If something in particular is interfering with your beeminding, be sure to let them know - my experience is that they’ll fix it as soon as they can.