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tag grammar

I’ve just started with tagtime and it’s really interesting… I’m trying to setup my tags and I’ve been thinking that it’s kind of a grammatical thing… So I’m thinking tags could be nouns, verbs, and adverbs. So verbs would be -ing like “emailing” “cleaning” “cooking” “programming” etc. The nouns would be like objects of the verbs “email” “kitchen” “foremployer” “forsidegig”. And the adverbs would be something like “distractedly” “efficiently” “enjoyably” “stressfully” etc. so a ping could be tagged “emailing” “foremployer” “enjoyably” or “cooking” “kitchen” “distractedly” etc. wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this - im just starting out! Thanks!


I haven’t gotten that fancy with a grammar but I’m fascinated to hear how this goes!

(I like limiting my tags to all have 3 letters so they’re easy to type and lots fit on the screen for the Android TagTime app. I find 3 letters are surprisingly evocative, especially for tags you use a lot. Kind of like how chemical symbols make perfect sense to chemists. Or airport symbols for frequent fliers I guess.)