TagTime Mobile App: Feedback Please

Edit: Updated the wireframes with notes from this thread.

Hey Beeminder Forum,

I’m putting together a tagtime mobile / smartwatch app (AKA “StampTime”) as a side project and want your invaluable feedback.

I made some wireframes, please take a look. They’re interactive, so you can either leave comments there or on this thread. Note that this is literally the first draft of these wireframes.

I’m open to any feedback about the current app flow, things you want to see on the roadmap, and what other services/applications you’d be interested in seeing.

Since the members of this forum are the target market, I’ll post updates here as they happen. I also set up a mailing list for those people interested in being testers.

Goals for app MVP:

  • Android / iOS
  • Beeminder integration
  • Multiple tags / time

Future goals:

  • smartwatch
  • location tracking
  • integration with Habitica

Super excited about this! You totally have our blessing to use the name TagTime, btw.

Yay for an improved TagTime app.

Your Wireframes:
Are you using the TagTime algorithm?
The timer view you have on the main page makes no sense for this, as it’s important you not know when the pings are coming.
Tag history, I’m not sure what the point of the Day/month/Year filter here is.

I have a lot of ideas about this, I’ve been tagging 24/7 using the Android tagtime app for more than a year.

Make it easy to add tags.
Make it really easy to repeat the last set of tags.
Use some magic to provide relevant/related tag predictions. (based on both time and recent tags.)
Not sure your proposed tag picker will be good, I have ~500 and I’ll never be able to find them on 1 horizontally scrolling line.
Easy searching of tags

Beeminder integration:
I want to report only the relevant tag(s) to beeminder, currently it adds all the tags added at the same time. (Some people probably want this too though.)
Use Boolean Tag combinations here too.
Want submission URL to be configurable so I can submit tags to something that isn’t Beeminder if I want to.

Needs graphs so it’s not necessary to export data to get value from it. (current Android app lacks this)
I want to be able to graph tags, tags with boolean logic (Web && !Work)
Want to be able to graph multiple things on the same graph (Sleep, Work, Family)
Reporting based on periods. (between dates, last month vs this month, last week vs prior week)

If you’re planning on making it open source and on Android I can help with development and testing.



I want to be able to configure when notifications are noisy/visible and auto tags.
Normal: (Tag: Notify: Beep, Light: On, Vibrate: On)
Sleep: (Tag: Sleep Notify: Silent, Light: Off, Vibrate: Off)
Meeting: (Tag: Meeting Notify: Off, Light: On, Vibrate: Off)
These should be configurable saved presets so I can easily choose them.

Maybe not TagTime exactly[1] if you’re going to do an Android app, but “Super TagTime” or something would be fine.

[1] I’ve got no actual authority in this matter.

Hey, the timer would be a countdown of a few seconds from ping to actual tagging of the time. Since it’s mobile not desktop, someone might get a ping while driving or eating and want a 10 sec grace period.

Tag history (to me) is a placeholder for more advanced reporting after the basic version goes out.

Do you have some app with the example UI you want for users with lots of tags?

I don’t understand why this is useful or desirable.
What happens if you don’t answer the ping in time?
I enter the data for the most recent ping whenever I want, and if there are a couple of close ones I just do them one at a time.

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Not really, the current android app is what I’m used to so it would probably be like that but with easy sorting/filtering/predictions

I’ll ask around for more feedback and update the wireframes with you+others feedback. Thanks so much for your suggestions! I was using the android app for a while but my phone died then I got an iPhone.

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You could also try posting to the TagTime google group.

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I use the TagTime Android app for 24 hour tracking. A couple of features I would really like are:

  • Easy repeat of most recent log (agreeing with @insti here)
  • Tasker / Automate integration
    -Let Tasker provide automatic tags when ping occurs under specific criteria
    -Let a ping trigger other behaviour on phone eg. keep the phone screen on until I answer the ping
    -Let Tasker silence or turn on alerts under certain conditions

I’d also quite like advanced options of what tag combos constitute progress on a Beeminder graph. For example, I may want to Beemind running outside (tag: run + out) rather than all running or all exercise that is not at the gym etc. I think this is the same as @insti’s Boolean tag combinations.

My biggest issue with TagTime are that I sometimes don’t have my phone with me when a ping occurs. When I get back to my phone, I want to see immediately that a ping has occurred before I forget what I was doing. I could see Tasker integration helping a lot here with the ability for me to define automatic tags based on complicated conditions and the ability to customise what is on my screen when I return. The current app’s notification are just too polite to get my attention if I didn’t hear the ping. A 10 second grace period for answering pings might train me to answer pings more quickly but there are a lot of instances where I wouldn’t want this, especially if the ability to log the ping disappeared after the period.

The other issue I have is when I simply have no idea what I was doing and the ping is partially or totally missed. It would be interesting to give the user some feedback about the amount of missed pings (whether they are getting better at answering them all) and the extent to which they affect their data (bigger error bars on graphs or sicker looking graphs?). I doubt I am the only one who is tempted to start over or give up when my data gets tainted by missed pings. Some feedback that accounts for the sin would probably help me deal with that and may help with onboard to the TagTime / StampTime way. Currently I Beemind missed pings, which I have to tag as missed, and it’s not working particularly well.

Being able to sync TagTime logs between multiple devices would be nice.

Looks like your app will make it really easy to change the name of a tag - splendid!

I will be eagerly watching this space.

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Great, thanks! I’ll update the wireframes with your and peppertoni’s feedback and post both here and in the google group.

Great, thanks! I’ll update the wireframes with your and @insti’s feedback and post both here and in the google group.

My phone has a light that flashes after a ping until I answer the notification.

I have 2 tags I use in this situation.

  1. “OFF” - Which I use if I have no idea what I was doing and couldn’t be expected to have known.
  2. “Unknown” - If I hear (or should have heard) the ping but don’t respond instantly and then later can’t remember what it was I was doing. I have a Beeminder do-less goal for them.

Oh, you do that too. What’s not working well for you?


That’s might be my #1 requirement.

I currently merge multiple tagtime logs, and it’d be great if one of those logs was from the iPhone.

I’m much less interested in the app updating Beeminder directly, because I don’t want to answer 100% of my pings on the phone, or any other single device.


I use RETRO to indicate uncertainty, and then my best guess for the other tags.

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I also use Retro for uncertainty, but only if I’m only a little bit uncertain, any more than that and it gets an Unknown.

(I’m not sure why I even bother with the retros, because I’ve never taken them into account during any analysis, I guess you can never have too much resolution on your data.)

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I think this is what I was going for with “tag history”, but perhaps lets replace that with your described reporting feature.


Hey all,

I’m going on a trip next week, so we will start development the week after. Will keep you posted.


Truth be told, I messed up the do less set up rate and set it too low, only to find that I couldn’t fix it up (unlike a do more goal, where the initial first week flatline allows you to alter your true starting rate beyond the akrasia horizon). Then I practised ignoring it for a week… and the avoidance toward the goal has persisted. I also find reporting to Do Less goals a bit grating. My brain doesn’t like to report itself closer to losing. But I’m off to fix up the rate and retroratchet it now [or back when I started writing this reply], thanks to you helping me expose my nonsense!

Regardless, I’m still very keen to be able to visualise the effect that missing pings has on my data. And I’m super excited just to visualise general TagTime data without having to fluff around.