TagTime without X11

I really strongly do not want to have to enter pings via xterm and X11. is there any way to use the official TagTime without using these?

one idea: using the “bbedit” CLI tool to pop open a BBEdit window. though there might be other lightweight GUI text editors better suited to the task

I’ve lost track of the viable alternatives to the X11 version (which is what @bee and I have been using 24/7 for going on a decade) besides the Android app.

I’ve dabbled in getting the original version to not depend on X11 but didn’t get it working smoothly enough.

since writing this I decided to try the X11 stuff again and it’s working okay for me

I would add that it does, in fact, work to just specify bbedit as the editor command. it pops open an OS X managed window for BBEdit, and the xterm closes itself

but I think I prefer typing into the xterm

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To make sure we’re on the same page: you can specify any editor like BBEdit but that won’t be used for the prompts when TagTime pings, just to edit past pings if you miss a ping or if you just hit enter instead of answering the prompt.

The prompt itself is a (bright red) xterm window.

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