Wanted: An Idiot's Guide to Installing TagTime on a Windows Machine

The title pretty much says it all! The internet says it’s possible, but me and my wife failed at getting it to work. I am using TagTime on my phone, but it keeps deciding to stop sending me notifications more or less at random (I suspect Samsung’s aggressive power-saving), so I keep missing pings.

If anyone is willing to go through it step by step with me (“install x and then download y, tick this box, paste this into the line under blah” – I’m afraid I really mean an idiot’s guide), I solemnly swear that I will write it up into a step by step guide all in one place that anyone else similarly baffled by it can use.

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This is sadly so involved (it involves tricking Windows into thinking that it’s Unix) that I think you should hold out for a more modern implementation of TagTime. :frowning: The good news is that that’s being actively worked on by multiple people who are not us.

Also, it’s possible that Android people like @chrp and @adamwolf would know how to add a setting to the TagTime Android app to keep it from backgrounding TagTime and not letting it ping.

Does TagTime on Android at least always ping for you when the device is charging? It does for me, possibly because I have it set to never turn off the screen while charging.

I could try to help with TagTime on Android. Is there a longer description of the issue?

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Sadly, that’s really it. Sometimes I just don’t see a ping at all, pick up my phone and unlock and oh, TagTime has tagged the last three data points as ‘OFF’. Other times it’ll happily keep on notifying me. No idea what causes the discrepancy.

I just really want to use TagTime as it is way more convenient, but right now there’s no way it can be accurate because half the time it doesn’t tell me I’ve been pung.

I know the Windows process is involved (we got a good chunk of the way through it before coming up against something simply refusing to work no matter where we put the tagtimerc file or whatever it was called), but if anyone does have the time/curiosity they will be my hero.

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Someone mentioned it not so long ago: Android TagTime Doze incompatibility

And I’m working on it :slight_smile: Actually I have already pushed a branch with a fix on GitHub and I’ve been dogfooding it for a few days, it seems to work. See GitHub - geekarist/TagTime at fix-doze

I was just waiting for my previous PR to be merged @dreev @insti, and then I’ll create the new PR.

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That would be me :grin: Very good news!

FWIW, I have since switched to a lock screen based tracker (asks every time I unlock) which of course isn’t as ‘accurate’ and doesn’t work with Beeminder either which would be a deal breaker for most everyone here… but it has the benefits of being Doze friendly, not interrupting/distracting you from your task at hand and does a respectable job of time tracking overall since I I unlock my phone a gazillion times during the day anyhow.

If you intend to add new features to Tag Time, you may want to check it out for ideas, particularly the built in stats. It’s called Self M and is a free app which itself is a clone of another app called Save My Time.


@dreev @insti Here is the PR that fixes missing notifications and Doze incompatibility: https://github.com/tagtime/TagTime/pull/78


Hey - sorry I’m late to the party here but we are releasing a windows version of TagTime with a simple standard installer, fully integrated with tag management and custom reports.

I’ve been on vacation so I missed this (school term break for my son) but anyone who is interested in the trying out the upcoming alpha please fill in your details here:

As mentioned in the follow-up to the thread, for now you can simply take the survey and fill in your email and we’ll sign you up.

(We aren’t updating the survey results with people who are signing up but don’t worry - we are paying attention to all feedback)

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Thanks! I filled it in saying I’m using Android (which I am for now), but I want to be using Windows. :slight_smile:

Great. We’ll have the alpha out in a week to 10 days for you to try.

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What happened to TagTime for Windows?

Are there alternatives?