"take a break" calendar picker could be more intuitive

when scheduling a break, the calendar picker is very unintuitive for me. i would expect the end-date-calendar to automatically jump to one day after the start-date. instead, both calendars are always set at today when i open them. which makes sense for the start-date, somewhat. (although i guess it would make the most beemindery sense if that were the first day out of the akrasia horizon, since you can’t schedule a break earlier anyway?) but it makes absolutely no sense for the end-date.

because this

is what i get when i would want to schedule a break in december, but it could never be a legit break time frame. it’s a little annoying, having to click all the way from may to december twice instead of once. :p

(i was wondering why there’s no thread already for this, or if i maybe missed it, but now i think that people who calendial maybe run into this problem less: when you only schedule breaks for the upcoming two, three weeks, this wouldn’t be an issue for me so much as it is. i always try to schedule my breaks when i know the dates for sure, so my july and august days off are being scheduled now before i can forgot that later on. hashtag normalise ultra-calendialing; calendial as much as you can, as little as is truly necessary, but always months ahead, if possible. :p)

i guess the conclusion is that i should better beethink the url-break-setting trick! (caveat: it’s much more clunky and unintuitive and i might get the dates wrong a lot because of different date conventions and me being more of a words rather than numbers person; perk: if i need to set a break on multiple goals [it was just 2 for now] this would probably still be easier and quicker overall.)

(dates in quote changed to the years 2025–2026 so that they don’t give an error message anymore. otherwise the quote is exactly taken from Advent 2022: 01. Setting Breaks and Beethinking Breaks)

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